Big Love

Doing our part for a healthy world.

To our JS Jewelry Community,


We are very grateful for the salty souls that celebrate their love for the ocean by supporting this small business and Authentic Canadian Maker.


Covid 19 can feel extremely heavy at times. Shocking our little west coast community and in solidarity with essential service workers we did an immediate temporary closure in March.


Navigating home (crisis) schooling 3 children we are finding a sweet rhythm and carving out time for this wee jewelry business. With much encouragement from friends who do provide essential services the website is back up! 


We will proceed with caution doing mail outs once a week on Monday’s. All parcels will be sanitized and packaged with care in eco friendly envelops. 


And as always F R E E  S H I P P I N G !


Stay safe and warm hugs from the west coast.


All the best for a healthy future,

Joleen and family