She remembered where she came from the womb line before her. A line of wise resilient grandmothers. Their strength found in their sacrifice. The ebbing lives before her allowing her the space to become a vision of all their dreams. The blood of wisdom pulses through her veins. The knowledge of life lives within her DNA. 
To live is to acknowledge the only certainty is uncertainty. Now she realized it is time to become her vision. 
We are living through historic times. Spring break has come to an end here on the west coast but I still have three little ones under my wings. I have temporarily closed my online shop out of respect for all the people I love providing essential services and the aging vulnerable elders in my life. 
It looks like we are succeeding at flattening the curve and I am so proud of Canadians doing their part. 
Let’s all hold the vision for a summer full of physical closeness and community.